Volker Wieland recommends ECB to be more transparent (Reuters, Sparkassenzeitung)

According to Prof. Volker Wieland, the European Central Bank (ECB) should publish the voting results of the Governing Council's monetary policy decisions. In his view, there is nothing dishonorable about discussing different views, he said in an interview with the news agency Reuters.

Therefore, the ECB should be more transparent. However, Wieland warned the ECB to set itself too many objectives after the strategic review. Nobody expected the ECB to solve the climate problem, he said, pointing out that the ECB lacked the adequate instruments for that. The IMFS conference "The ECB and Its Watchers" will also contribute to the strategic review of the ECB.

Sparkassenzeitung/ Reuters: "Wirtschaftsweiser rät EZB zu mehr Transparenz"