Volker Wieland sees no sign of deflation in the Eurozone ("Manager Magazin Online")

The "Manager Magazin Online" picks up the Working Paper of Volker Wieland and Maik Wolters about possible risks of deflation in the eurozone.

"Manager Magazin Online" describes how some participants in the financial markets are waiting for new measures against a possible deflation. But is there a risk of deflation at all in the Eurozone? "Manager Magazin Online" cites from the IMFS Working Paper No. 81. Before the interest rate decision of the European Central Bank in September Wieland and Wolters come to the conclusion that there is no risk of a self-reinforcing deflation.

The IMFS Working Paper is available for download.

("Manager Magazin Online": "Gut gefrühstückt, Signor Draghi?")