Volker Wieland sees energy policy as one of the biggest burdens on Germany as an industrial location (Bild)

The German tabloid "Bild" asked economists what Germany needs now to get the economy moving forward again. One of the biggest burdens for Germany as a business location is energy policy, said Volker Wieland in an interview with "Bild".

"Above all, the radical switch to heating with renewable energies (by Habecks heating hammer) and the already implemented nuclear phase-out, are extremely problematic from an economic point of view," Wieland said. In the midst of the gas crisis, artificially further tightening the energy supply is "perverse" and contributes to the horrendous electricity prices that are causing energy-intensive companies to move out of Germany, he said.

Bild: "Das braucht Deutschland jetzt, um die Wirtschaft zu retten"