At the Federal Constitutional Court Volker Wieland backs obligation to provide information in issues of banking supervision ("Süddeutsche Zeitung")

The Federal Constitutional Court examines the duty of disclosure of the German Bundestag. The Green Party (die Grünen) have filed a complaint, citing the handling of information in questions regarding Stuttgart 21 and banking supervision. Prof. Volker Wieland has appeared as an expert before the court.

The lawsuit concerns the so-called minor inquiry (Kleine Anfrage). Such inquiries can be submitted to the federal government in a written form by a parliamentary group or by five per cent of the parliamentarians. Basically, a minor inquiry has to be answered within two weeks.

However, according to the Green Party, the answers are not sufficient. The Greens believe they are being fobbed off with general information. The inquiries deal with internal information of companies, which the federal government receives within its supervisory role. The Greens are of the opinion that this information is also relevant for the parliamentarians in order to evaluate further aspects.

In conjunction with the financial crisis and banking supervision Wieland expressed his criticism, speaking of a "certain failure".The Court's judgment will be issued in a few months' time.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Die Richter und das nervöse Monster"