Volker Wieland: "The fuel discount is not a sensible measure" (Marktmagazin Mex)

The business magazine Mex wants to find out who feels the brunt of high inflation rates. "People who spend a larger proportion of their income on everyday goods are hit hardest by inflation," explains Prof. Volker Wieland.

Those with higher incomes or assets could protect themselves better against this and, for example, invest part of their assets in real estate. "But as long as wages and salaries don't adjust, we all lose out when inflation goes up."

According to Wieland, the so-called fuel rebate, which is supposed to provide relief from higher gasoline prices, is not an appropriate measure. "The fuel rebate ensures that demand remains high." In contrast, he said, it makes sense to lower the electricity tax.

Marktmagazin Mex: "Wer mehr und mehr weniger Preissteigerungen spürt"