Volker Wieland warns against second- and third-round effects in collective bargaining negotiations (Hessenschau)

In an interview with "Hessenschau", Volker Wieland warned of second and third round effects as a consequence of the current wage negotiations in view of the recent inflation development.

"Wage increases also mean costs for companies, which they try to pass on again through higher prices," he said (from 2:40 min.). Second- and third-round effects cannot therefore be ruled out, Wieland said.

The trade union Verdi is demanding a pay increase of 15 percent for Deutsche Post employees, with the collective agreement to run for twelve months. Before the start of the third round of collective bargaining for the approximately 160,000 employees of Deutsche Post, Verdi had called for warning strikes throughout Germany.

Hessenschau: "Streiks bei der Post"