Volker Wieland warns of further rising inflation rates (Frankfurter Rundschau, Münchner Merkur)

Volker Wieland expects inflationary pressure in Germany to continue to grow in the current year. "Four percent inflation on average in 2022 is now a fairly likely scenario," Wieland said in an interview with the "Frankfurter Rundschau" and the "Müncher Merkur" (Ippen Media).

In Wieland's view, a stronger reaction by the ECB would have been appropriate long ago. Fighting inflation is the task of monetary policy, not of governments. The government could relieve the burden on people with lower incomes in other ways: "A smart climate policy calls for lowering the electricity tax and abolishing the EEG levy, and instead specifically pricing the greenhouse gas emissions from fossil energy production.

Frankfurter Rundschau: "Inflation steigt 2022 weiter - vier Prozent wahrscheinlich"