Future Council focuses on strengthening Frankfurt as a financial center and recommends authority for specialists (Börsen-Zeitung)

Accelerated procedures for the digitization of administration, a venture capital fund specifically for the growth phase of start-ups, the establishment of "real laboratories" for young companies that want to test innovations - the "Hessian Future Council for the Economy" has developed more than 400 recommendations for action. In an interview with "Börsen-Zeitung", Prof. Volker Wieland explains the economic policy measures agreed upon by the joint committee of company representatives, trade unionists, academics and practitioners.

The Future Council paid particular attention to the topic of the financial center. The financial center is of great importance for the Hessian economy. This is why it is so important to develop the financial center in order to strengthen the economy in Hesse and Germany, Wieland told the Börsen-Zeitung. Frankfurt is an important seat of central banks, financial supervisory and standardization authorities. Wieland still sees potential in fintechs and start-ups. "We still need to improve the framework conditions here."
As a measure against the shortage of skilled workers, the Council for the Future has recommended a special authority for the immigration of skilled workers. Many of the recommendations for action could be applied to Germany as a business location.

The "Council for the Future of the Hessian Economy" was set up on the initiative of the Hessian state government in March 2023 and presented its final report to Minister President Rhein in mid-October.

Börsen-Zeitung: "Eine Fachkräftebehörde wäre wichtig"