The objective of The ECB and Its Watchers Circle of Friends is to enable the Goethe Money and Macro Association (GMMA) to support the successful realization of the annual The ECB and Its Watchers conference series, which serves as an established platform for a mutually beneficial dialogue between central bankers, market participants and academics. It is a unique format with high-quality debate open to the media that has accompanied all the ups and downs of the euro area and policy making over the last 20 years. The series relies on financial support from research institutions such as IMFS and relevant financial firms via donation to The ECB and Its Watchers Circle of Friends. In this manner, an independent platform is created that fosters debate including critical views on ECB policy from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

The GMMA is a registered non-profit at Goethe University, Frankfurt. Its aim is to strengthen and improve research, teaching and outreach activities at Goethe University’s department of money and macroeconomics and institutes affiliated with the department. The society also supports interdisciplinary research and interaction between academia, policy making and international practice in the areas of monetary and macroeconomics.  Its network includes many alumni and members of the association that are now working at major corporations, central banks, research institutions and international organizations. Among other activities the GMMA supports The ECB and its Watchers Circle of Friends. The contributions of this group are used to fund the conference series and related outreach activities.