Helmut Siekmann considers parts of Thuringia's budget unconstitutional (MDR.de)

In an expert opinion, Prof. Helmut Siekmann concludes that parts of Thuringia's budget for 2022 are unconstitutional. Siekmann advises that the constitutionality of the underspending be examined before the state constitutional court, as the specialist literature has not yet dealt with the issue in depth, as MDR reports.

In his expert opinion commissioned by the Green parliamentary group in the state parliament, Siekmann writes that the across-the-board cuts in global underspending would violate legal principles such as transparency and the budgetary sovereignty of parliament.

Siekmann's expert opinion is available as IMFS Working Paper 173 (PDF).

MDR.de: Thüringer Landeshaushalt: Gutachter hält globale Minderausgabe in Teilen für verfassungswidrig