Volker Wieland and the Kronberger Kreis call for a binding repayment plan for the Bundeswehr debt (FAZ)

"There is no binding repayment plan for the Bundeswehr debt," warns the Kronberger Kreis in a guest article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). The lack of a concrete repayment plan for the special assets impairs a central function of the debt brake.

Public funds are scarce and require prioritization, they say. The statement that one should not be played off against the other distracts from the central responsibility of the government and parliament to make precisely these trade-offs and to deal with the associated conflicts, criticize the members of the Kronberg Circle. Politicians should not shirk compelling trade-offs and difficult decisions. Special funds should not become an instrument to avoid this responsibility.

FAZ: "Es fehlt ein verbindlicher Tilgungsplan für die Bundeswehr-Schulden"