Volker Wieland considers coalition plans on pensions insufficient (Börsen-Zeitung)

The major challenges of digitization and climate protection have been recognized, but the plans to safeguard the pension system are inadequate. This is the verdict of Prof. Volker Wieland in an initial summary of the plans of the coalition in an interview with the "Börsen-Zeitung". He said he was disappointed "that no action was taken to limit the effects of demographic change on the financial viability of the pension system to a greater extent."

He also called for the retirement age to be linked to life expectancy. Wieland expressed his approval of the handling of the debt brake. He said he was "glad that the coalition emphasizes debt sustainability and wants to realize the necessary expenditures within the framework of the German debt brake - and without raising taxes."Wieland called for taxes to be lowered instead. In his view, a reduction in corporate income tax and depreciation on all investments would make sense. In this context, Wieland pointed to the massive need for investment in Germany, not only in the areas of digitization and climate protection. Germany must strengthen its competitiveness with investments and innovations in order to maintain and increase prosperity, he said.

Börsen-Zeitung: "Das Tempo ist beeindruckend" (€)