For Volker Wieland the impact of the Trump administration on the development of the US dollar is limited ("Deutsche")

Besides the implementation of tariffs, the Trump administration is disturbing investors with statements regarding the development of the US dollar. By intentionally weakening their own currency, the United States could try to gain an advantage in international trade. Financial experts already start talking about a currency war. In an interview with "Deutsche Welle" Volker Wieland points out that after all the Federal Reserve is repsonsible for monetary policy in the U.S. , based on the economic development.

The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar is not among the objectives of the U.S. monetary policy, Wieland said. In his view, there is no reason for the Fed to deviate from its current monetary policy. "Since the U.S. economy is growing, the inflation rate is close to its objective and the unemployment rate is low, the Fed will have to further raise interest rates". Due to the huge debt mountain, which was held by China, Japan and Europe, a weak dollar would not be a good idea, Wieland added.

Deutsche "Will Trump einen schwachen Dollar?"