German Council of Economic Experts: Germany must digitize the economy and administration more consistently (Handelsblatt)

The Corona crisis has triggered a surge in digitization. How Germany should use the momentum wisely to boost productivity and economic growth is explained by members of the German Council of Economic Experts, including Prof. Volker Wieland, in an opinion piece in the German financial daily "Handelsblatt".

The members of the Council argue that the use of digital technologies in various sectors of the economy is particularly important for the long-term development of the German economy. The Council expects the process changes to boost innovation across various sectors and at the same time sees it as an opportunity to leverage potential for productivity development and increase productivity.

According to the Council members, the Corona crisis had revealed considerable deficits in digitization in education, public administration and healthcare. Greater digitization of administration would increase the productivity of the public sector. In the healthcare system, the use of digital technologies could help improve the administrative implementation of the vaccination strategy.

Handelsblatt: "Sachverständigenrat: Deutschland muss Wirtschaft und Verwaltung konsequenter digitalisieren" (€)