Volker Wieland: Germany faces difficult coalition talks ("Omfif Podcast")

Prior to the Bundestag election, Volker Wieland explains the economic issues at stake in Germany and analyzes various possibilities of the coalition talks in an interview with Omfif, an independent plattform for dialogue and research in finance and economics.

Although the polls indicate another term for Angela Merkel as Chancellor, the elections are not boring at all, in Volker Wieland's opinion."It will be very diffcult to form a coalition". According to Wieland, the grand coalition has run out of course, while a so-called Jamaica coalition with CDU, the Greens and the Liberals would have to overcome many controversial points such as Europe. "The Greens are open for transfers and eurobonds whereas the Liberals are just on the opposite side". 

For Wieland, the economic perspective is neglected among the campaign issues. "Germany is doing well, there is a sense of complancency", he said. "Migration is in the focus but there is no discussion on how the German economy can be viable in the future". 

Listen to the Omfif podcast: "Future of Europe post-German elections - an interview with Volker Wieland" (27 min)