Volker Wieland: "Central bank should keep interest rates high" (ARD)

Inflation trends, particularly in food prices, were at the center of the consumer magazine Mex. In an interview, Prof. Volker Wieland explained that price trends depend on various factors.

Energy is a key factor in the development of inflation and also plays a role in food prices. The development of food prices is also influenced by shortages, as demonstrated by Russia's attack on Ukraine. Due to high inflation, consumers no longer have the same purchasing power. "This is depressing the consumer climate," says Wieland. The lower demand is helping to slow down the rise in prices.

Wieland assumes that inflation will fall again. "But that is not guaranteed". In order to achieve a fall in inflation, "the central banks will have to keep interest rates high".

ARD consumer magazine Mex: "Inflation - welche Preise jetzt langsamer steigen"