Prof. Dr. Roman Inderst

Prof. Dr. Roman Inderst

Former IMFS Professor

Programmbereich: Financial Markets

: Goethe University

 Former Endowed Chair of Finance and Economics

Working Papers

Nr. Forscher Titel Forschungsbereich Jahr Keywords
30 Roman Inderst, Holger Müller Early-Stage Financing and Firm Growth in New Industries Financial Markets 2009 Venture capital; dynamic investment; product market competition
32 Roman Inderst "Irresponsible lending" with a better informed lender Financial Markets 2009 lending, personal finance
5 Roman Inderst, Felix Münnich, Holger Müller Financing a Portfolio of Projects Financial Markets 2006
6 Holger Müller, Roman Inderst A Lender-Based Theory of Collateral Financial Stability, Financial Markets 2006 collateral; soft information; loan market competition; relationship lending
27 Roman Inderst Loan Origination under Soft- and Hard-Information Lending Institute Financial Markets 2009
28 Roman Inderst, Ufuk Otag, Hasan Doluca Banking Competition and Risk-Taking When Borrowers Care about Financial Prudence Financial Markets 2009
29 Roman Inderst, Holger Müller CEO Replacement under Private Information Financial Markets 2009
36 Roman Inderst, Marco Ottaviani Misselling through Agents Financial Markets 2009 Consumer Protection; Search; Learning; Information and Knowledge; Marketing; Compensation and Compensation Methods and Their Effects
87 Falko Fecht, Roman Inderst, Sebastian Pfeil A Theory of the Boundaries of Banks with Implications For Financial Integration and Regulation Financial Stability, Financial Regulation, Financial Markets 2015 banks, banking
31 Roman Inderst, Holger Müller Bank capital structure and credit decisions Financial Markets 2009
33 Roman Inderst, Manuel Klein Innovation, endogenous overinvestment, and incentive pay Financial Markets 2009
34 Roman Inderst, Holger Müller, Felix Münnich Financing a Portfolio of Projects Financial Markets 2009
35 Roman Inderst Misselling (Financial) Products: The Limits for Internal Compliance Financial Markets 2009 Consumer Protection, Search; Learning; Information and Knowledge, Marketing, Compensation and Compensation Methods and Their Effects
88 Florian Deuflhard, Dimitris Georgarakos, Roman Inderst Financial Literacy and Savings Account Returns Financial Markets 2015 banks, savings
91 Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst, Marcus Opp Regulating Deferred Incentive Pay Financial Regulation 2015 banks, Banken, compliance, bonus, Gehalt