The ECB and Its Watchers 2012

Forschungsbereich: Monetary Policy, Financial Regulation
Forscher: Helmut Siekmann,
Volker Wieland
Datum: 1.1.2013

The debates and speeches at "The ECB and Its Watchers" conference 2012 focused on banking regulation, monetary policy, and economic adjustment in the euro area. This study contains the following chapters:


Volker Wieland

President's Address
Mario Draghi

Structural Reform in Banking
John Vickers

Heterogeneity in a monetary union
Peter Praet

ECB liquidity provision in stressful times: Has it been sufficient, appropriate or excessive?
Lucrezia Reichlin

Divergence and Adjustment in the Euro Area
Vitor Gaspar

Euro Area Fiscal Governance: Shortcoming, State of Play, Future
Lucio Pench

Fiscal Consolidation
Stefan Gerlach

From the OMT Announcement to the 2013 Hearings of the German Constitutional Court
Helmut Siekmann and Volker Wieland

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